Sunday, May 27

Buggy bug bug.

Sometime around midday on Thursday, (the fourth day into Tim's trip to Cleveland) I spaced out so badly that I found myself slamming my breaks in attempt to avoid the big fat SUV directly in front of me. My nearly full ice coffee flew into the passenger foot space, and i thought, "i was totally looking straight ahead the whole time, what is going on?" This was the beginning of The Bug.

Thursday Eve was the kids Writing Workshop Celebration, which is the only school event that I will not miss. The school works in conjunction with Columbia University Teacher's College and the program is just amazing. Throughout the school year each classroom has a few "Book Release Parties" where they open up the classroom and share the books that they've written in a particular category. Unfortunately, they leave non-fiction books till the end of the year and the best stories go unread by most of the parents. I remember enough from Thursday to know that Eden's book was about cats and Eamon's book was about whales (on the way there he was sure his was about cats, I haven't figured out why), but i don't remember much else. We went home and watched a movie while the rest of the 'hood played outside. I could barely stand up.

Friday, I was home all day with the kids due to the holiday and I managed to get three pictures packed. After that I mostly needed to lay on the couch, often yelling "please stop screaming" and, "if s/he says s/he doesn't want to get sprayed with water then s/he really doesn't want to get sprayed with water" towards the driveway where the children were. I almost puked twice, which is serious for me. The last time I puked was before Eamon was born. Before that, I don't even remember.

Tim's plane got in at 8:30PM so, in order to kill some time, I took the children to Target. I warned them when we went in that I was only purchasing packing tape and q-tips, we would not walk out with anything else. I think the only reason this worked is because I let them wander aimlessly through the toy section. They looked for as long and as hard as they wanted, and I just stood in the center aisle looking spacey. We left, got Tim, and I pretty much slept from then until this morning (thank you, dear husband, I needed it).

But I feel GREAT now! So, here is your Friday Photo Flashback that Tim and I found while packing:


Nell said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better. Everytime anyone says they have even the slightest feeling of illness now, my first thought is, oh you probably have Lyme, 'cause if I have it then... yeah, I know. I'm self-obsessed. But really, I'm glad you're better!

Andrea said...

Seriously, I was counting and noting each symptom thinking, it would be CRAZY if we both had lyme.