Wednesday, May 23

How long will they play?

We started a new game this morning. It's called "pack you books!" So far everyone is still enthusiastic:

I wonder how long they will play.

For the last few months we've spoken about the move like, "if we move..." or "We might live here..." We haven't quite made it official for the kids yet, though we have just started talking about it to neighbors and school friends. Eamon has noticed and because the move will happen right around his birthday, he's said to lots of people "before my birthday, we are moving to California!"

The school that the kids go to currently will be relocating for the next two years for a renovation. Yesterday Eamon told me that they were packing things up in boxes in his classroom, too. Last night I said "You know that you will be going to a new school when we get to California, right?" To which he replied "you mean they're not coming with us?"

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Nell said...

Oh my God! Poor Eamon! It's a good thing kids adjust fast, I'm sure he'll be fine. Oh, poor Eamon.