Wednesday, May 9

Programmable Soda?

What does it take to loose your love of an artist? What is it that allows you to hold onto to them, too? Should you work at it, know you gave it it's chance, or let it speak to you (or not) without effort, knowing it will work if it's meant to?

I am struggling with Tori Amos. I love her, loved her. Scarlet's Walk seemed brilliant to me, there wasn't a song i didn't like. When the Beekeeper came out I was so excited about a new album that it kind of blinded me. The weekend her tour hit the northeast was the same weekend of a monumental birthday for Lauren. It was an excuse to see as many shows as possible and we scored an extra last minute add-in show in CT on our way from NY to Boston. It used to be that the "secret" time of the show when the band would leave and she would play the piano all by herself was my favorite. This tour was entirely solo. We even scored 4th row seats for the show ON Lauren's birthday. Jackpot! Except, it wasn't great. The songs just didn't squish and refill my heart like they used to. Yes, she played a version of Tear In My Hand that made me weep, but besides that it just wasn't there. What's happened? Is is me? Am I growing up, am I old?

I was weary when American Doll Posse came out. I didn't follow too much of the press about it. I listened to only a few of the preview songs. I can no longer go into one of her albums knowing about the concept behind it. I get what she is doing, i think it's great. I like the dialog of mothers asking the men in charge "what's going on?", but i feel like I'm being force fed. I'm giving ADP it's chance, i even took "Almost Rosey" out for a spin with the windows rolled down. It went well, but I feel like I'm picking through a plate of pretty food that might taste horrible. Is that fair, or is that just what it's come to with her?

I'm going to give it a few weeks, in the meantime, i want to listen to this over and over...


Nell said...

Call me an idiot, but, what's "programmable soda"?

Andrea said...

A track off the new album. Yikes.

Andrea said...

Let me quote the first line "Think of me as programmable soda. To much cherry, baby then you can just add cola"
Yikes again.

Love by Lauren said...

Sad to say, I'm over her.

I didn't think it could get any better after Scarlett's Walk. And it didn't. Oh well.