Wednesday, May 16

Eden just said this...

(really loudly while playing that game of origami folded paper with fortunes)

"if I become a richie like Oprah, I will give half of my money to charity"

The girl has only seen Oprah twice. In her life.

And then in a completely unrelated conversation, I asked her to please relax to which she replied "YOU relax lady!"

(who is this child?)


evboevbo said...

if she becomes a richie(who even uses that term anymore? are we living in 1957?) like Oprah, she should give half her money to charity. Here's a good one to send money to:

The National Evan Pouchak Endowment For The Arts
Louisville KY 40205

Nell said...

Man, and I thought we were going to have problems with Freya. Dude, you got a little wannabe "richie" on your hands there. Whatever that is. Good luck.

Andrea said...

Well at least she is already thinking along the lines of philanthropy. Thank god for that. Thank god for that and the points!