Sunday, May 20

From the Pandaphiles

Today Eden is going to a playdate at her friend Phoebe's house. She is so excited that she's been bouncing continuously since Wednesday when we made the plans. Why would such a play date be so extraordinarily exciting? Well, Pheobe was born in Shaanxi, the province in China where Pandas reside. That's about as close as you can get to a deity in Eden's eyes without actually having supernatural powers. Pheobe has tremendous Panda Love, too. It's pretty much all they talk about. They made plans to get thier Pandas together and play panda school.

Pheobe is an amazing girl. She was placed in a 1st grade class a few days after meeting her new family and flying to a new country and home. I just recently learned from her parents that she's only known English for about a year and a half, she speaks so fluently it would never have occurred to me otherwise. It makes me wish I could immerse my kids in a second language sometime soon.

Here are the Pandas all lined up ready for Panda school:

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Nell said...

It's kind of (but not really so) amazing how much dirtier Panny is than all the others, like she's a different subspecies of Most Cherished Panda.