Wednesday, May 16

All for the Points

Yesterday Nell told me about an ingenious plan to encourage her kids to clean. They get points for doing things and in exchange, they can trade those points in for treats. The points are represented by shiny glass blobs that you can put plants in or put at the bottom of your fish tank (these really make the whole thing irresistible for the kids, who doesn't love to collect shiny pretty things?) I immediately told the kids about it and now we have lists of what they can do and what they can get for the points they earn (computer time, ice cream truck, etc.)

I would just like to express my eternal gratitude to Nell after having this exchange with my daughter this morning:

E: what else can i do, what can i do for points?

Me: take a look at the list.

E: OH! The dishes, can I do the dishes?

Me: sure

E: Oh, Thank you Mom!


Nell said...

There is nothing better than a child thanking you for allowing her to do your dishes!

You're welcome. Glad it's working for you, cause it's not going so hot over here.

Love by Lauren said...

HA!!! That is hysterical.

And btw - where are the kitchen update photos!!!