Wednesday, May 2

Pen Pal #1

There are two kids in Eden' class that I really hope she corresponds with until she is at least in college and maybe beyond. I will probably give her a few nudges in that direction mostly because these two kids are so cool and both would write amazing letters, but also because I would like to know very much where they end up in the world because already, they floor me.

Let's talk about number one. We were lucky enough to be able to walk/drive Lakota into school three days a week this year. His parents are both teachers and super laid back and really cool (both from SoCal, so hopefully, they will visit). I really like Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings because they are unlike other mornings in my life. Usually when Lakota comes inside, he greets me with "Hey Andrea, want to know...", or "Hey Andrea want to hear...". He is both a dooer and a go getter.

One Morning, he just walked right past me with a piece of paper and sat down at the table.
After about 5 minutes, he said "I decided last night I want to be a doctor and it's going to be a lot of work. I should really get started now."
I looked over his shoulder to see a Lakota drawn anatomically labeled picture of a person. He was studying it for his college exam coming up in about 10 years.

Another morning he told me about a club that he started.
"it's called freedom writers (based on that movie i never saw) and i gave everyone in the club a notebook and I'm going to call the PTA president to see if they can give us some money to publish these as a book.

One morning while walking to school he and Eden found a bus pass (It was expired but i didn't tell them) After about 10 minutes of discussion it was decided that they were going to write a series of books called "The Skip School Kids" where these kids use a magic buss pass to go to places like the zoo and museums. Eden will draw the pictures and edit, Lakota will write the stories.

Last week he read me a poem he wrote about cookies, it was really good. He said "My grandmother told me that i should protect my poem from being copied, so if you want to use it, can you please ask my permission, Andrea?"

For his last birthday, Lakota's parents and grandparents gave him a mini cherry red electric guitar. He's learning Johnny Cash songs now. I'm told me he's perfected "Ring of Fire" and learning "Walk the Line". He is also working on his first album. It's called "Run Over". It's pretty dark, but good.

Maybe he and Eden can co-write stories through letters between here and California. Or maybe songs for an album. I'm excited for the letters they will writ to each other, the possibilities are endless.

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