Sunday, July 29

Dinnertime Conversation

At the table with my mom, myself, and Eamon.

Me: Please finish your rice, It's your carbohydrate, you energy food.

E: Can you survive without your head?

Me: Well, no, because your brain tells the rest of your body what to do.

E: What about your face, can you survive with just your face?

Me: No, Your brain fills up most of your head.

E: Can I have a napkin?

like something from my dreams

like something from my dreams, originally uploaded by edenacadia.

Friday, July 27

The Sixth

I just remembered that Eamon came into this world (very!) shortly after we had moved from Vermont to Albany. Last year we were in Cleveland when he turned five. The year before that we were at Lake Vanare. He has almost never spent a birthday at home.

Here we are in California, home now, and I'd have to say this one looks like it will make the top two. First, he gets a new house with a pool. That alone should seal the deal. But then, he gets to go to Toys R Us with a caravan of friends and family to cash in a gift card and some birthday dollars. We get home and he gets a tireless (and such a good sport!) playmate to swim and build playmobil armies with. Then mac and cheese, then cake. There is nothing more this boy needs. It was quite perfect.

I have to say that I had a pretty swell time today too.

Wednesday, July 25

I so owe an update

Again, I am so exhausted this evening. My feet really hurt. We were up at 7am ripping open boxes and organizing the kitchen (not because we set alarms or anything, we were just up. Damn you, jet-lag!)

Notable things about today (in list form because i just have to):
  • The kitchen is completely unpacked and nothing is broken (this is entirely due to Nell and her superb packing skills. I am still in awe)!
  • I took my first solo trip on the 101 (including a 4 lane cross to get to a left exit, I'm already feeling better about driving).
  • We've discovered that the pool has a light in it that changes color every few minutes. I love the patio at night time. It is like something from my dreams (not the pool light, but sort of).
  • The radio station! Oh, the radio station! There is nothing quite like KCRW. After my morning news I heard Bjork, my morning jacket, and the strokes. Not only did I get to hear good music, but I didn't have to listen to Alan Chartok! I am in love.
  • There is a leaky spot on the roof hangover outside that right now is causing something like a waterfall onto the patio. I am baffled by this but don't' really care because I'm not the homeowner, and I don't have to fix it!
  • I bought wine at Target today!
That's about all I can remember right now.

Yesterday was something a little different. It started so wonderfully after we left the airplane, though. From the escalator we spotted Annika and Sam waiting for us with amazing smiles and warm hugs. We were escorted to their car and driven to the house (that i would never had found on my own). We got to hang out a bit and I was feeling so confident and wonderful being shown around by Annika who already saw the house when her and her family helped Tim unload THE WHOLE TRUCK IN ONE DAY. We chatted, the boys played.

But then they left.

and we had to get groceries.

So I packed up the GPS navigation thingy that I've used once and got in the car that I've never driven in a neighborhood that I've never seen and proceed to try and get out of the hood onto Laurel Canyon Blvd. It wasn't going so well when I realize there is NO gas in the car. I tried my best not to panic. Some how we made it there and back (with many wrong turns along the way). It was all worth it because I got to grocery shop at Trader Joe's. Yes, not just pick up a case of wine on my way through Boston. I got to shop. And i am happy, and I am slowly falling in love with this city.

Still many boxes to go. Tomorrow is Eamon's birthday and we'll probably go out and do something fun. I can't believe how cold it gets here in the evening. There's a cool breeze blowing in the window behind me. I almost need a sweatshirt.

Here we are.

I am sitting at my very own computer for the first time in about four weeks. There is so much to say about what we left and where we are now. So many aching goodbyes and warm cheerful welcomes.

Right now all I can really say about the house is that I hope I can find all the light switches and make my way to my very own bed before my eyes close for the night.

(also, please check out if you want to know where Tim and Eden are.)


Tuesday, July 17

A recap, a catchup, a something new...

When I wrote the title of this post, I was sitting on the front porch of the Inn at Silver Bay on a rocking chair, it was just about sunset. Those of you who know what I am talking about know that there are very few things better than that.

Then my power ran out.

Now I am sitting on a couch in the lobby of the Inn, surrounded by teenagers. They are introducing their virtual friends on the computer to the friends on the couch. The boys are trying to figure out which of the friends like them. The girls are craftily maneuvering the conversation so they don't have to answer. Silver Bay never changes (the same set of you would know this, too).

Point is, I have so much to say, but, so little time here, on the couch, when i would rather be rocking, or visiting the ice cream parlor, or playing games. Also, so many distractions. People I haven't talked to in so long, emails to catch up on, and blogs to read so i can say that i know what is going on in my friends lives.

A few thoughts then...

The part that hurt the most of this four week extravaganza, was on week number two, Tim was away and after I thought Eamon was asleep, I heard him call from the top of Nell's stairs. I went to him and stood on the bottom watching him yell "i want to go HOOOOME, I want to go HOOOOME" to me, with tears flooding his face. I had nothing to say to him. It would be two more weeks before he saw anything familiar. I thought he was doing ok. I was so wrong and it broke my heart.

Mostly, while I was in Town (meaning mostly between Pittsfield and Averill Park) I tried not to drive to Albany more than I had to. I thought I would see everyone there once again. The thought of so many long goodbyes are killing me and I am (suprized by myself when I feel like) trying to avoid them.

I still weep when I hear "California Stars". It is clear i am trying to torture myself because I listened to Wilco the whole way up.

I saw a Grey Fox here!

I have a feeling I won' be back to Albany as much as I thought. Maybe Averill Park, maybe Pittsfield, maybe Boston, but right now I'm thinking, not so much Albany. This is all a part of the evolution. We will clear out the last few things that belong to us Saturday, and after that, I will be less attached to the house than I thought I would when this plan went into affect. I am having a hard time letting go. I am being stubborn about other things. I'll keep you updated about how those things are going because right now, it's ugly.

I have fun pictures of us all at archery! It's my favorite thing here a Silver Bay right now (pictures sooon!) I love the thwap of the arrow on the paper. I love when mine hits the yellow. I love my inner Legolas.

I will leave you with that thought, my inner Legolas.

Wednesday, July 11

power's out.

powers out., originally uploaded by edenacadia.

After a really weird bong sound. Does someone want to look up Pittsfield news and see what the heck in the neck (a term coined by Freya) is going on. Comment, I will get the email.

Of things to come.

Of things to come., originally uploaded by edenacadia.

conversation from earlier in the week:

Matilda: Eamon, (sigh) I just love you.

Eamon: Would you please stop saying that?

Matilda: (sigh)

My bologna has a front end...

My bologna has a front end..., originally uploaded by edenacadia.

The front end of the Oscar Mayer weiner car (truck? ). We passed it at a pretty high speed, and Tim didnt feel the need to slow down and oogle it like i did, so this is all i got.

Wednesday, July 4

happy fourth

happy fourth, originally uploaded by edenacadia.