Friday, August 24

A few of my Favorite Things

So long since a post! We've been very busy. With what you ask? Check out Annika's Blog and you'll get most of it.

Besides that we've started cozying up the place a bit, and though I wasn't the biggest fan of this house off the bat, it's growing on me. In a big way. There are still some (ok, lots) of design choices the previous owners (or flippers) made that I will never understand. Never the less, here are some of the things I love:

Eden and Eamon have a Jack and Jill Bathroom. It's the best bathroom in the house, accessible only by their bedrooms.
And this cabinet that has doors on the other side of the cabinet that open in the hallway:
The floor in Eamon's room. It looks as though it's the only original floor left in the house. It looks amazing with all of Eamon's furniture, all rustic and cozy
The kids bath and the Master Bath both have these built in laundry hampers. Brilliant.Plantation Shutters, I'm smitten. They are on all the street side windows, so pretty and easy, what's not to love?The place where I sit to sew
What will eventually be the Liiibruuury (and music room). We need a big cozy reading chair and to get rid of the ghetto blinds. It will happen soonCloset space, I have some nowHow this chair is equidistant to both the bar and the toys, also brilliant (i put it there).This seat was salvaged from a friend in Albany. We bought a piece of foam and ordered some Amy Butler fabric for it and I think the result is perfect.

The roses. There are three rose trees and four bushes. I've discovered that in SoCal, if you water them every day, buds will form in about a week. Amazing.All those red leaves have spouted up in the last week. Most of them have buds on them, Yay!
Also, most things grow like weed here if you remember to water them

Tuesday, August 14


I was busily taking emptied frame boxes out to the side patio when a baby lizard ran into the laundry room. I freaked and clapped at him, thinking , oh i don't know, he'd translate my frantic clapping to, "please don't' go in my house, you terrify me too, please just keep outside, please, please, please?" He's hiding behind the sink now, and i don't know how to cajole lizards out of hiding places because I've only ever seen them in cages, never as common urban wildlife. What should i do?

Bertie Bott's

Bertie Bott's, originally uploaded by edenacadia.

They ate boogers, vomit, black pepper and dirt. The ones they couldn't stomach? Grass and rotten egg.

Monday, August 6

It always comes back to Crepes.

It's a pretty fuzzy morning this am. Last night, I asked Tim if he would make me some coffee before he left. After I got up, dragging my heels a bit, I went straight to the coffee pot, with a minor detour of filling two cereal bowls. When I made it there, I found only an inch of coffee left. It seemed strange to me, Tim never drinks that much coffee. Plus, there are about a billion places to stop on his way to work. So I lift up the lid, and the grinds are still dry. Whoops, he forgot to empty the old coffee and put in new water. Like I said, a fuzzy morning.

Eden has requested a trip the the Tar Pits today. I'm excited, I've never been. We will meet Annika and Sam there, and possibly Tim for lunch (I promise pictures this time!)

Most of the weekend we spent running house errands, but there were a few trips of interest.

Friday night we decided to go out for some ice cream. Most of the places Tim is familiar with are closer to Santa Monica and Westwood, which is where he usually stayed while here. We decided to check out Diddy Reece near the UCLA campus via Mohulland Drive. Holy wow. I wish I had taken some pictures, but I was much too busy a. checking out the view (on both sides!) and b. making sure Tim didn't kill us with his VERY confident driving (not a comment on Tim's driving, I swear).

We drove back via Santa Monica Blvd passing the boldly lit up Beverly Hills sign. The children broke into a chorus of the Weezer song (thanks, radio Disney - Never again!) and now it's been banned from their repertoire.

Saturday, we met Annika, Will and Sam at the Farmers Market near The Grove. It's an open air market open everyday with about a million kinds of food and wares.

Here we ordered some chickory coffee and beignets (Yaya, gumbo Yaya!)

Eamon's choice for breakfast, after being told he could have anything he wanted, was a powdered donut.This is how he feels about donuts for breakfast:

Tim and I tried some savory crepes. I have to go back soon for the Nutella crepe.THEN, Eamon tried the beignets. Two powdered sugar items for one day's breakfast. It doesn't get much better for this guy.

Sunday we drove about a little in the city, then came home for a swim and dinner. There were a bunch of strawberries sitting in the fridge that needed to be used soon. I don't have a lot of baking ingredients here yet, but I did have flour, eggs, milk and butter. Mmm, crepes.

My children have informed me that I have spent FAR too much time on the computer this morning, and soon, I will turn into a very uninteresting BLOB (funny how these things bite you in the butt). I still haven't talked about Stitch N Bitch at the Farmers market (that was Thursday night) but it was great fun, and I plan on going often. Now I have to publish, before things get uglier.

Wednesday, August 1

We're here for real now.

There is so much to say, I don't' really know where to start.

My mom and I spent the week getting the house in working order with tons of help from Annika, Will and Sam. Most of the boxes are unpacked and we've gotten a lot organized. Not too many things are hanging around because of all the storage space, we just need to figure out what kind of space each room will serve as. Before I arrived, Sam decided that the best space for a playroom was the one with the bar, and I wholeheartedly agree.

While Eamon has been missing friends from our old neighborhood, Will has made up for it in leaps and bounds. He has been a tireless playmate for Eamon, so much that most mornings Eamon asks if Will is coming over. Annika has been a wealth of help and information for us and this move would have been so much closer to impossible without her and her family. We are truly lucky to have them close by.

To my delight, Tim, Eden and Erin Arrived a bit earlier than planned. They decided to skip the Grand Canyon and the extra day on the road, and headed home after visiting Zion National Park. They got in a little after dinnertime on Monday. Annika, Will and Sam were here to welcome them to LA and my mom was spending her last night after helping out for the week. When they arrived, Eden gave me a full arm and leg wrapped 5 minute hug. For the first time, we had a house filled with our family and wonderful friends. It felt good. I love a house full of people, I hope we can keep filling this one (that doesn't mean with more babies, Tim!) After a week of restless nights I slept soundly and I slept in.

The children's rooms are attached by a bathroom and while I thought they were sleeping in because I hadn't heard from them, they were in fact playing together with both doors closed. Today we begin what will become our summer routine. Hurray for normalcy!

(more pictures coming soon, I've been observing so much, I forget to take them!)