Monday, May 21

And so it begins...

I just want to say that I LOVE Craig's List. Really, really Love it.

Yesterday I was staring at the packing catalog thinking of all the much more exciting things I could fill our home with for $210 rather than packing boxes and bubble wrap. I was also thinking how terribly annoying it is that companies actually make new boxes for people to move their stuff in. There has to be a better way! People are moving all the time, and stores are always getting rid of boxes. Where are all the boxes?

On Craig's List!
I scored a whopping 43 (recycled!) boxes for the equivalent of a nice bottle of wine. Plus I was able to pick them up all in one spot rather than drive around all creation checking in alleys behind stores to see who left some out.

So here it is, the first of many....

Tim is in Cleveland this week, hopefully his last trip. We've settled the last bit of business with Employer and now there's no turning back. From here on out it's, pack-pack-pack, visit, pack-pack-pack, school thingy, school thingy, pack-pack-pack, Field Trip!, load truck, wave to truck as it drives away with all our stuff, vacation, fly, empty truck, fly back, vacation, Party!, say goodbye and fly Home.

It seems so strange to be calling Los Angeles our Home.


Annika said...

I can hardly believe how soon you will be here!

evboevbo said...

its kind of tough to see that house in boxes.