Tuesday, May 8

The weekend

I want to backtrack to this weekend because it was worth a few good stories (mostly the Orgasmic Flan, but we'll get to that...)

Saturday my mom and I left for Boston to see my sister's Graduation from NEU. It's her second masters, but the first time she's walked for one. We are proud, it was a busy two years for her. It was a nice ceremony. The speaker was good, they got right to the point, the walking was like a car wash and we were out of there in time for dinner.

Mmm dinner. There is a place right around the corner from my sisters house that I've always seen a line outside of but never been to. It's called Dali and it is an authentic Spanish Tapas Bar. It is now in the number two spot of my all time favorite restaurants, right behind Cafe Moto. The wait was 2 hours but i forgot about it after we sat down. The plates were truly small and one (maybe two) bites were enough. There were 5 of us, we drank sangria and tried over 15 dishes. It was heaven, and then came dessert. We ordered flan and almond cake.

I like dessert, but i don't have a terrible sweet tooth. I am more of a savory girl. I'll choose salty over sweet on most days which is why after putting a spoonful of Dali's flan in my mouth i was stunned when i finally came to and heard Lauren's friend Victoria say "it's almost like 'When Harry Met Sally' but for real." I looked around and everyone at the table was staring at me while i savored the flan. I kind of didn't care, I was more worried about not swallowing because i didn't want the flan to be over. We were supposed to be sharing desserts, but Bjorn took the plate of flan and handed it to me. My sister said, "please don't lick it".

After spending dinner at a Spanish restaurant we were guilted into going to a Cinco de Mayo feista for a friend and fellow graduate of my sister. He is raising money to ride his bike across the country for A Really Good Cause that i can't quite remember right now. It turned out to be a kegger with free mustaches. Good Times.

I came home to Nell and Tim scanning letters from our adolescent past. The kids were all playing together so nicely and i walked into giggles and smiles from Tim and Nell in the kitchen. It felt good. It felt free and shapeless like when we were writing the letters. It was a moment i wanted to spend a lot of time in. It made me miss all the people who weren't there with us.


Nell said...

Amen (or the atheist's equivalent) to that last paragraph!

And to the Lauren with a mustache photo. Ha!

tem said...

hopefully someday we can get everyone back on the same coast and all get together more often. its astonishing how everyone just picks up where we left off. we might not move as fast when we are all 80 but i bet we'll have as much fun