Tuesday, June 5

My Daughter is the Poster Child for Meadowbrook Dairy

Or, this is why we call it Smallbany.

So I stopped Red the Milk Man this morning to tell him that the last week of June will be our last milk delivery. He was sad, and so are we. He's our favorite thing about Tuesday morning. His reaction to us moving to Los Angeles was the best I've gotten so far. It went something like this- "Well now, why are you going to go and do that? The fault line is about ready to give and there are fires out there every other week, why would you go and do that?" I smiled and said "For the job" and thought, and the weather, and the culture, and well, why wouldn't we? He is really a lovely man, i guess he just has an aversion to the west coast.

Anyway, we got to talking and I mentioned how we'll never find milk as good as his out there, and how he and his Swiss Cows will definitely be missed.

"Well, let me tell you a story" he says. "The other day I get a call from this woman who has five kids and wants to get a delivery, she lives on SM Boulevard, and I give her the details and ask her if she had ever had my milk before. She tells me that ,in fact, the other day a little friend was over for dinner and asked for milk to drink. The woman went to open the fridge and the little friend said "is it Meadowbrook Milk?' the woman said no and the little friend said 'I'll just have water, thank you.'
"Well let me tell you!" Red says, "that's all I need to get me going in the morning. Forget all the write ups in the paper and all deliveries here to Saratoga, A little girl who would rather have water than some other milk than mine is why I do this!"

He continues on his route and I think a little bit about the story he told. Wait a minute. Eden's friend Phoebe lives on SM Boulevard. They have five kids.

I do a little investigating.

When I check this story over with Eden, it seems that she indeed has been declining milk all over the city if it isn't Meadowbrook. I can't wait to tell Red who that little girl was.


Love by Lauren said...


evboevbo said...

I think that if we had a friend over for dinner and the friend had asked that, mom would have been like 'oh! well why dont you just go and have some Meadowbrook Milk at your OWN HOUSE!'

Nell said...

Now who hasn't posted in two days? Hmm?

That's super cute. Plus, you know, it's damn good milk.