Friday, June 29

It Comes at the Strangest Times

We've finished (I really have nothing else to say about it. it was exhausting and it's over. our stuff is currently sitting in Newburgh waiting to head for Chicago).

To celebrate, I went out to my favorite theater last night to see that movie with multiple vignettes about Paris (a little background, my sister went to see Wilco last night. I was a little sad, but it really was impossible for me to go, so I just ignored it the whole thing). When I got out I had two messages, but I was so tired, I didn't listen to them.

Today I decided it would be best to clean out my purse before heading on vacation. I have been throwing so many random found treasures in there while cleaning up, it was quite huge and unmanageable.

I dumped out my purse on the kitchen island and remembered I had messages to listen to. I put it on speaker phone. There was one from a family member, one from a friend, but the third one was a garbly scratchy one. It took me a while to remember, but usually when my sister goes to see a show I like, she calls me during a favorite song. I didn't quite catch this one, I could make out "i love ... I love" but that was all (What song was it Lauren? It's on the tip of my tounge). Anyway, this is really about the fourth message.

Phone: Next message, Thursday - [garbly, garbly, scratch, scratch] I want to lay a heavy head tonight [garbly] On a bed of California Stars [garble]...

I start to sniffle, Tim enters the kitchen, my eyes are fountains.

T: What is that noise? [his strange contorted face says please turn it off!]

Me: It's a song. sniffle [turn head to avoid eye contact with him]

T: It's a what? That's some crappy quality!

Me: It's a song, ok, it's just a song.

T: Are you crying? what's Wrong?

Me: It's the SONG!

T: OOOHHHH, did your sister leave you that message?

Me: YES [sniffle, sniffle, gasp]

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Love by Lauren said...

Oh the first one was Jesus, Etc. I wasn't sure if I was going to get California Stars and that came on - you know to me its about New York. Then during the encore I turned to Dan and said 'my trifecta would be: Heavy Metal Drummer, California Stars, and What Light'. Well, I got two out of the three and called Evbo during his song, and you during yours! I was getting a little 'verclemped' during CS but somehow I was able to keep it together!