Wednesday, June 27

Sometimes nosey works.

Yesterday the truck showed up. We didn't have help planned until later today. I was so antsy about getting the piano onto the truck (for the record, i like the piano, but i don't LOVE it, it was just our biggest challenge) that Tim barely got me down to Uhaul for a doly and some blankets before I made him tackle it. He and Charlie rocked that thing, and it was in there safe and sound in no time (did i mention we might not have gotten a ramp? Random, you may get one, you may not, right now I'm feeling like the Moving Gods are with us.)

The rest of Tim's family helped us get the few larger items that we have onto the truck. A couple dressers and our bed. While this was going on, there were cars driving by with necks craning to see what was going on (we live on a dead end street so most everyone why drives by lives here). We went out to dinner to let the humid summertime air cool down a bit and revel in some crisp AC then headed back to the truck.

When we arrived back there were a host neighbors hanging out to see what kind of help we needed. In a flash there were about 15 or 20 people in and out of our front door, in and out of the truck. From a distance we looked like leaf ants taking care of a really great branch. People brought over snacks for the kids. Others labeled and taped with me. I can't believe where we are right now, totally ahead of schedule. To my disbelief, there are so many things still to be boxed, but we will be done tonight, for sure. And if this perfect moving fantasy continues to go my way, we will put in the last box, close up the truck, and the thunder storm will roll through just as we take our first gulp of icy cold beer. Exit truck.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a wonderful thing for your neighbors to do! And lucky, too, since Nell's been kicking kittens.

Anonymous said...

p.s. When do you arrive? Next month, yes?