Monday, June 11

Reaction Time

We've gotten to the point in this move where the news has become very public and people we don't even know are putting their two cents in. I know about virtual strangers putting their two cents in, I've been pregnant twice and brought my babies into grocery stores often. You get more advice then you ever need. But now these reactions have become a looking glass into such stranger's personalities more than anything else. Mostly because people have incredibly strong opinions about LA. I know I did. At least I knew that I would always be a northeast girl, but that was because moving was such an unbelievable fantasy. Now that I've accepted the West Coast as a possibility, the things that I choose before to be a con don't really matter anymore.

For example, at the soccer game, a mom of significant affluence in our particular district had this reaction: "oh (sad face), well that is interesting. I moved here from Culver City when I was 13 and it was the best move I ever made in my life. I hope they are making it worth your while. Oh my god, the smog!"

Instead of thinking "OMG, have we made a terrible mistake?" I think "well, clearly this woman hasn't been to LA since the late seventies so she has no idea what she is talking about." I also think, "please don't' let this be the type of mom I run into regularly at the kid's new school" and "well it sounds like your parent's made the move for you, chicka."

Others are excited. Some others are sad. The most common reaction (of the parent's of Eden's classmates) is something like "well, do it while you're young! Heaven knows you can't do it later." (Red the milkman is the exception to this story. I love Red, and he has chosen to wake up before there is even light every morning and deliver hormone free milk, so he can say whatever the hell he likes.)

While lately I have been feeling pretty old, I don't think I would ever get to the point where I would turn down a big exciting change in life because of my age. I know that we had Eden young, and Tim has his hands in projects all over the country, but still. I would, of course, talk with over with the children and see how they felt about the change. But for the most part, people are adaptable and children learn more from experience than protection. This is how I feel right now about it anyway. Ask me again in October.


Anonymous said...

Well my goodness. At 13 I moved from Woodstock to the City and it was the best move ever...because I was 13. I've made other moves since that were just as good. Different places have been right for different times in my life.

tem said...

Woohoo, so Kansas here we come!

Nell said...

Jesus people are morons. Who the hell says something like that? (And I am totally picturing the face she made too, ugh.) Seriously.

(I'm just gonna end every comment I make on your blog with the word seriously now, okay?)