Thursday, June 14

It's not the kids, I'm allergic to Tim being out of town.

update on the update: last night after we pulled into school (thank GOD- I know there is an exit that brings you right to the Bronx zoo from the highway. Our bus driver decided to show us the "back way" through the Bronx, past Fordham University. During rush hour traffic. Thank you, sir.) we went directly home and ate some pasta and then went to sleep. All of us. At 8:45 PM. I woke up with a tremendous sore throat, and a headache still. The bus probably seemed so terrible because the migraine was from what looks to be strep so the noise seemed somewhat exaggerated.

This is the second time I have gotten sick while Tim is out of town. I must be allergic.

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Nell said...

Oh, you poor thing. I think every time my dad was away something terrible would happen at home. One time Sean broke his leg when he was four. One time Fionn was hospitalized with an asthma attack. I forget the other ones.

But don't worry, we're right here if you need us, and then when you get to LA, Annika will be there. Besides, think of it as a bonus of the move that Tim will hardly ever have to be away again! Yay!