Friday, June 15

Have You heard...

that the Patriot Act is counting how many times you buy sudafed? Seriously, it's true, today I was looking for a little relief from the strep before the antibiotics kicked in, and I picked up a pack of Sudafed Cold & Cough. When the cashier rung it up, the computer wouldn't let her sell it to me unless she also rang in my driver's license.


So while my sister was waiting in line for coffee I asked her, "has this happened to you?" and explained. An employee who was listening behind me said that, in fact it is a result of the Patriot Act that anyone who purchases Sudafed or anything containing (pseudophedrine, but that wasn't in the Sudafed that I bought, because mine was sudafed PE) must have ID with them (because people have been making Meth out of it). The info is sent to the government and placed in a little Sudafed buying database.

So. We should all feel a little safer from terrorism today because our government knows I bought Sudafed.

EDIT: So I was a little off, the actual ingredient in question is pseudophedrine, but I got the "safer" Sudafed, the PE version (with phenylephrine). So the question now is why did they have to card me?


Nell said...

Holy shit! You buy Sudafed?!

Andrea said...

I was in a bad way, dude.