Wednesday, July 25

Here we are.

I am sitting at my very own computer for the first time in about four weeks. There is so much to say about what we left and where we are now. So many aching goodbyes and warm cheerful welcomes.

Right now all I can really say about the house is that I hope I can find all the light switches and make my way to my very own bed before my eyes close for the night.

(also, please check out if you want to know where Tim and Eden are.)



Laura said...

i am so happy to read that you are in the house and going to sleep! in fact, you are sleeping right now! i love thinking about you and tim and eden and eamon traveling all over the atlas, up on the hills and in the pretty green and blue spots!

Love by Lauren said...

Welcome home!
I sent eamon a package - I hope he can use it in the new pool!

Nell said...

Oh, it must feel so good to have your things around you again. I'm glad you made it safe and sound, can't wait to hear about the house and the unpacking and setting up!