Friday, July 27

The Sixth

I just remembered that Eamon came into this world (very!) shortly after we had moved from Vermont to Albany. Last year we were in Cleveland when he turned five. The year before that we were at Lake Vanare. He has almost never spent a birthday at home.

Here we are in California, home now, and I'd have to say this one looks like it will make the top two. First, he gets a new house with a pool. That alone should seal the deal. But then, he gets to go to Toys R Us with a caravan of friends and family to cash in a gift card and some birthday dollars. We get home and he gets a tireless (and such a good sport!) playmate to swim and build playmobil armies with. Then mac and cheese, then cake. There is nothing more this boy needs. It was quite perfect.

I have to say that I had a pretty swell time today too.

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