Monday, April 30

On the trimming of hair.

We finally cut Eamon's hair the other afternoon.
It's straight as a pin and when the bangs are really long he looks like a surfer dude,

and when the back is really long it's all mullety and weird.

I am a fan of the former but since he's been trying to learn to read we've found it to be a huge distraction for him. So Tim finally talked him into a trim after multiple negotiations about hours of Lego Star Wars and Sugary Treats. We've taken it upon ourself to do the trimming because the outcome at Super Cuts is generally the same as ours (not so great) and we never seem to think about these things far enough in advance to plan an actual appointment.

(we did ok)
Anyway, the morning after The Cut I remember why I'm never in a hurry to cut his hair. His colics show up above his ear on either side of his head like little wings that he could fly away with. They've shown up every morning since the cut, and no amount of water and combing get them to sit down. As I was noting this to Tim, Eamon, listening, remarked, "Yeah, that's why I don't want to ever cut my hair. Actually, I'd like to grow it real long and give it to someone who doesn't have any, like a bald person."

which is fine with me. Let's do that then.

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Love by Lauren said...

I think that looks good.
He doesn't look so convinced however.