Tuesday, April 24

Morning Buisness

Today Eden is sporting a pink polka dot dress, her pink sweatshirt with arm stripes and her pretty dirty purple Merrel's. Monochrome with a punch of color. The stockings were meant to be left out, but the temperature dropped about 20 degrees last night in a hurricane force rainstorm. It left behind clear skies though, and for that we are happy.
Since we walked to school today, Eamon allowed me to come into the building with him. He even let me stay and hang out until the bell rang to go into the classroom. Most days I am not even allowed near the entrance. These are usually days when we drive to school and he says "No no mom, you can stay right there." by the door of the car. So I watch him until he disappears into the hallway and then drive off to get started with my day. Eden did the same thing, but it only took a month of Kindergarten before I was not allowed to walk in with her anymore. I still always stay and watch them until they get inside the door. Just last week I saw Eden peek over her shoulder before she entered school to make sure I was still there.

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