Wednesday, April 25

The Leaves are falling back east...

The title of this blog is in reference to a Ben Folds song. Mostly a wink to my sister. She's the first person i tell everything to. She knew about the babies (was told about Eden and was the first to guess about Eamon) she knew about the house, the jobs, the vacations, everything before anyone else.

We told her about California first. We were in Boston eating pizza at Emma's together. What we said was "there was a teeny tiny chance that Tim possibly might get a good enough offer to consider the possibility of maybe moving to CA". In our attempt to soften the blow, i think we ended up making it more believable than before. Tim has gotten a lot of offers, but none of them were worth the cost of moving or the high standard of living out there. We've told her about them all, but this time, she just started crying. Without saying a word. Then she started laughing. And crying. Then apologizing. Then laughing again.

When I started to think about the pros and cons of such a move, proximity to my family was my first consideration. More importantly proximity to Lauren. She is my number one ally. I have loved her through everything, even when she left me in the middle of San Francisco and wouldn't answer her cell phone because I spent too much time looking for bags and not enough doing touristy things (we missed all the boat rides out to Alcatraz for chrissake). We have spent weeks together following David Gray and Tori Amos around (while significantly older than 25). We are self-declared northeastern girls. We have lived here all our lives. We ache for Maine in the summer, skiing slopes (even if we only stay in the lodge) , winter afternoons when it gets dark at 4 and sometimes even dreary cold rainy days. We despise Cheery Westerners (no offense to any of my cheery western friends)! We have always been a day's drive from each other. What am i doing moving 3000 miles away? I'm afraid that three hours time difference is more of a divide than either of us care to admit. When this particular Ben Folds song showed up the other day on random, i felt horrble pangs of guilt when Ben sang:
"don't change your plans for me
i won't move to LA
the leaves are falling back east
that's where i'm gonna stay."

And so when i start writing my list in each column of the good and bad of moving, Lauren will be at the top of the cons list and I'm afraid there is no collective of things on the pros side that come close to balancing her out.


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