Wednesday, August 1

We're here for real now.

There is so much to say, I don't' really know where to start.

My mom and I spent the week getting the house in working order with tons of help from Annika, Will and Sam. Most of the boxes are unpacked and we've gotten a lot organized. Not too many things are hanging around because of all the storage space, we just need to figure out what kind of space each room will serve as. Before I arrived, Sam decided that the best space for a playroom was the one with the bar, and I wholeheartedly agree.

While Eamon has been missing friends from our old neighborhood, Will has made up for it in leaps and bounds. He has been a tireless playmate for Eamon, so much that most mornings Eamon asks if Will is coming over. Annika has been a wealth of help and information for us and this move would have been so much closer to impossible without her and her family. We are truly lucky to have them close by.

To my delight, Tim, Eden and Erin Arrived a bit earlier than planned. They decided to skip the Grand Canyon and the extra day on the road, and headed home after visiting Zion National Park. They got in a little after dinnertime on Monday. Annika, Will and Sam were here to welcome them to LA and my mom was spending her last night after helping out for the week. When they arrived, Eden gave me a full arm and leg wrapped 5 minute hug. For the first time, we had a house filled with our family and wonderful friends. It felt good. I love a house full of people, I hope we can keep filling this one (that doesn't mean with more babies, Tim!) After a week of restless nights I slept soundly and I slept in.

The children's rooms are attached by a bathroom and while I thought they were sleeping in because I hadn't heard from them, they were in fact playing together with both doors closed. Today we begin what will become our summer routine. Hurray for normalcy!

(more pictures coming soon, I've been observing so much, I forget to take them!)

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Laura said...

i'm very glad to know that you are all together again, now, always. thinking of you.