Monday, August 6

It always comes back to Crepes.

It's a pretty fuzzy morning this am. Last night, I asked Tim if he would make me some coffee before he left. After I got up, dragging my heels a bit, I went straight to the coffee pot, with a minor detour of filling two cereal bowls. When I made it there, I found only an inch of coffee left. It seemed strange to me, Tim never drinks that much coffee. Plus, there are about a billion places to stop on his way to work. So I lift up the lid, and the grinds are still dry. Whoops, he forgot to empty the old coffee and put in new water. Like I said, a fuzzy morning.

Eden has requested a trip the the Tar Pits today. I'm excited, I've never been. We will meet Annika and Sam there, and possibly Tim for lunch (I promise pictures this time!)

Most of the weekend we spent running house errands, but there were a few trips of interest.

Friday night we decided to go out for some ice cream. Most of the places Tim is familiar with are closer to Santa Monica and Westwood, which is where he usually stayed while here. We decided to check out Diddy Reece near the UCLA campus via Mohulland Drive. Holy wow. I wish I had taken some pictures, but I was much too busy a. checking out the view (on both sides!) and b. making sure Tim didn't kill us with his VERY confident driving (not a comment on Tim's driving, I swear).

We drove back via Santa Monica Blvd passing the boldly lit up Beverly Hills sign. The children broke into a chorus of the Weezer song (thanks, radio Disney - Never again!) and now it's been banned from their repertoire.

Saturday, we met Annika, Will and Sam at the Farmers Market near The Grove. It's an open air market open everyday with about a million kinds of food and wares.

Here we ordered some chickory coffee and beignets (Yaya, gumbo Yaya!)

Eamon's choice for breakfast, after being told he could have anything he wanted, was a powdered donut.This is how he feels about donuts for breakfast:

Tim and I tried some savory crepes. I have to go back soon for the Nutella crepe.THEN, Eamon tried the beignets. Two powdered sugar items for one day's breakfast. It doesn't get much better for this guy.

Sunday we drove about a little in the city, then came home for a swim and dinner. There were a bunch of strawberries sitting in the fridge that needed to be used soon. I don't have a lot of baking ingredients here yet, but I did have flour, eggs, milk and butter. Mmm, crepes.

My children have informed me that I have spent FAR too much time on the computer this morning, and soon, I will turn into a very uninteresting BLOB (funny how these things bite you in the butt). I still haven't talked about Stitch N Bitch at the Farmers market (that was Thursday night) but it was great fun, and I plan on going often. Now I have to publish, before things get uglier.


Love by Lauren said...

Did you just say that 'Tim never really drinks coffee'?? hmm... that is not how I quite remember it....

Anonymous said...

We spend so much time together that I am thinking of just changing my last name to McEwen. What do you think?

Nell said...

(Lauren - I think she meant "Tim says he never really drinks coffee." At least that's what I assumed.)

And next time you're planning a family vacation, perhaps you should consider Cuzco, Peru. There was one restaurant that Steve and the kids went to every single day that had crepes. Only they didn't just have crepes, every item on the menu came wrapped in a crepe. Like steak and whatever else. Steve said it was amazing. Plus, they had the best milkshake he's ever had, ever. I'd sing you that song, but sadly Steve has banned it from my repertoire.