Sunday, November 18

Four Days, Four Conversations...

Day 1:

Me: Are you excited about your field trip?

Eamon: Yes, we have to get there at 8, Mom! 8'oclock! We have to get there on time.

Me: Oh, we can get there by 8.

Eamon: We have to because we have to lock all the doors, we will have to lock all the doors if the robbers come. Sometimes robbers come and rob the bank, so we have to lock all the doors.

Day 2:
(just as he has woken)

E: Is Auntie Lauren here?

M: Yeah, she is here.

E: Where is she?

M: In the guest room, sleeping.

E: I want to do something funny to her, I want to put on my Yoda mask and then sunglasses, and I want to wake her up that way.

m: OK, sure.

Day 3:
(again...while walking to school this time.)

M: Are you excited for your field trip today, Eamon?

E: Well, kind of.

M: Why only kind of?

E: Well, there are the pigeons.

M: What about the pigeons?

E: If you don't eat your food fast enough, the pigeons will come and chase you and eat it. So, I'm worried about the pigeons.

Day 4

E: Mom, am I boy or a girl?

M: Well, what do you feel like?

E: A boy. Plus, I have a wiener.


Steve said...

so many things go through my mind, sometimes robbers do come, pigeons make me a little apprehensive and I wish I had a yoda mask, I cant think of anything else to say, except that my family misses, I have a wiener too.

Nell said...

I can't believe Steve got here first, what a wiener.

We do miss you guys. You're coming over while you're home so we can have game night and drink creamsicles, right? Or maybe we should find another equally delicious drink that is better for cold weather. I'll start looking now....

Andrea said...

I am impressed (but not surprised) how you were both able to use that word in your comments. Steve, you and Eamon will have plenty to talk about come Holiday Time. Nell, I saw a WHOLE BOOK about Hot Toddies at Borders, let's start there.